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Mission Statement

Stigma Free Therapy Network’s mission is to provide treatment, education and support for individuals and families suffering with the stigma and distress caused by a loved one’s mental illness.


President: Donna Hall

Donna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 23 years of diverse Clinical Social Work Experience. Donna’s professional history includes working in offices, hospitals and community environments providing therapeutic services to individuals, children and families, residents in group homes, adult and juvenile corrections facilities. 

Donna's personal and professional experiences reflect a common theme of support and assistance to those affected directly and indirectly by mental illness and/or substance abuse.  Families are often overwhelmed, left out of the treatment process and do not know what to do to help their loved ones or themselves. These circumstances cause extreme distress, family disconnect, embarrassment and isolation.

Donna decided the best way to assist this “forgotten population” of; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents and friends was to create Stigma Free Therapy Network to provide treatment, support and education to individuals and families. Donna is dedicated to assist families and those affected in navigating the system and finding peace and the best quality of life possible for them and their loved ones.

Treasurer: Susan Miller

Through personal experience Susan is sympathetic to the emotional and financial strain substance abuse and mental illness causes to individuals and their families. Susan has an extensive history of working and volunteering at church and schools. She is currently employed by one of the largest transportation companies in the United States editing and auditing driver miles for the purpose of accurate billing and payroll She also enjoys spending her spare time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Secretary: Samantha DeLeo

Samantha is in her 3rd year of college where she is studying business. She has experienced firsthand the shame, guilt and family discord by growing up with a loved who has a mental disability.  Over the years she has grown to more fully understand and respect the disability through education and is dedicated to helping others understand its not something people “choose” to have. 

Samantha loves horses, the beach and spending time with friend’s and family. Her one wish is for everyone to live Stigma Free.



Our diverse professional counseling staff is made up of licensed and pre-licensed therapists who are committed to providing quality, affordable mental health services to individuals and families. We offer in office, in home (within specific distance to office) and teletherapy tailored to meet your needs.


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